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What's the difference between the “The Fam” session options?

"The Core Fam" is a customized session for your nuclear family (up to six people). It can be at a location of your choice (home, outdoors, etc. I can provide suggestions). I reserve the entire morning or afternoon for you, so we can accommodate your schedule. These sessions normally last about 90 minutes, but can go up to 2 hours for flexibility and convenience. "The Core Fam" session is ideal for:

  • Infants 4 months or younger
  • Larger families
  • Including family pets (dog/cat/turtle/bunny)
  • Using a personal backdrop in your home or an outdoor backdrop that is meaningful to your family (local park, favorite hiking trail, downtown monuments)
  • Winter/Summer months (I offer the mini sessions during the Spring and Fall)
  • Special occasions (birthday parties, cake-smash, engagements)
  • Anyone looking for a more custom-tailored or flexible session 

"The BIG Fam" is for large or extended families of more than six people. Also at a location of your choice, I carve out more time for “The BIG Fam” sessions, since there are more people to incorporate. “The BIG Fam” session is ideal for:

  • A group of 6 or more
  • Capturing the entire group, as well as smaller groupings
  • Capturing multiple generations

"The Bambino" is especially for newborns and their families. It takes place in your home and lasts for 1-2 hours. “The Bambino” session is ideal for:

  • Newborns 3 weeks old or younger
  • When you want to incorporate your home or nursery to achieve photographs with lasting significance

"The Mini-Sesh" is a shorter session (45 minutes, scheduled every hour) that takes place at select outdoor locations on a pre-determined weekday or weekend during Spring and Fall.  It’s the perfect way to get updated family, individual children or professional shots. The Mini-Sesh is ideal for nuclear families of three to five members. “The Mini-Sesh” is ideal for:

  • Smaller/ nuclear families
  • When you have already done a Core Fam session and are  just looking to update your photos
  • When you prefer a shorter, outdoor session.
  • When a home session isn’t ideal or desired

All sessions include a password-protected online gallery with the option to order prints and/or a digital collection.


When should I schedule my newborn session?

Please try to schedule your newborn session at least 3-4 weeks before your due date so we can get you on my calendar. If the baby comes early or late, we can always reschedule (no penalty).

To capture the “newborn look,” I recommend scheduling your session when your infant is between one and three weeks of age.


What is your availability?

I am a full-time photographer, and am available on both weekdays and weekends. I work in the DC Metro area as well as Northwestern Montana/Glacier National Park during certain months.


Is there an order minimum? What package do most people select? How much should I budget?

Unlike many portrait photographers, I do not require a pre-purchased package or a minimum order. Most of my clients purchase several framed prints, collages and/or wall art, which allows them to enjoy their photos on a daily basis, as well as archiving them long-term.  

While it is important to budget accordingly, I prefer to custom-tailor your product order AFTER you have viewed your proofs so that you have a better sense of what products you may want. 

I want you to feel you have maximized your investment—after all, you have already paid for the session and invested your time in the photo session itself!  This is done by getting your photographs off of your computer and onto your walls!


Can I get the digital files from my shoot?

Yes! All session fees include the entire set of images available via digital download. These files are for your own personal use—you will be able to make prints, cards, and share on the web. These files may not be sold, nor used for any commercial purpose. For a complete print and digital product list, click here.


What is the best location for my shoot?

For natural light sessions, the best locations have large areas of open shade (park or yard). If your home has bright window light, that’s a great option for babies. 

For families with kids, close to home and familiar locations work best. I am happy work with you to identify the ideal location for your shoot. Remember, the photos are about your family, capturing your relationships and kids’ personalities. The location is just the background, not the main focus.


My family’s special place is at the beach/mountains/vacation home. Do you travel? If so, is there a fee?

Absolutely! I love to travel for family sessions. Please contact me to discuss your ideas and get a quote.


I have never done a professional photo session— what should I know/ how should I prepare?

Come prepared to be yourself, laugh and enjoy! The less you worry about being in front of the camera/posing, the better! I promise to make it a casual and fun photo session; no prior experience required!


What should I wear for my session?

Families: Simple and comfortable, since we’ll be moving around a lot. Solid bright colors and simple patterns work well; avoid too much white or black. Coordinating colors for families are more timeless than “matching” outfits. I will send you more detailed suggestions upon booking, and am happy to consult on specific outfit ideas.

Newborns: Have several outfit options on hand, including: a plain onesie; plain white diaper, cloth diaper or diaper cover; swaddle blanket; meaningful toys; and weather-appropriate clothing for any outdoor shots. 

I will also send a detailed planning packet with additional details in advance of our session!


Do you offer business/professional portrait services?

Yes! Please click on “The Biz” section for details.


Do you photograph anything besides children and families?

Yes!  My background and training is in photojournalism and documentary photography and film. In addition to my portrait work, I photograph for magazines, advertising campaigns, NGOs, non-profits and schools.  My work is primarily focused on youth, education, health and family.  I have also been working on a long-term documentary photography project on the Blackfeet Reservation in Northwest Montana.

If you are interested in learning more about this project or my editorial work, please check out my other websites:

Rebecca Drobis Photography
Grown Up West

Please contact me to discuss how you can hire me to photograph your company, organization, school or non-profit… I would love to work with you!


Do I get a referral discount if I refer a friend to you or recommend you on a listserv?

Yes!  I am most incredibly grateful for referrals—it is my primary means of advertising. I appreciate your spreading the word about my services.

  • Refer 1 friend directly or through a listserv posting: You will both receive a $50 credit  
  • Refer 2 friends: You receive a $100 credit (friends receive a credit of $50/each)
  • Refer 3 friends: You receive a $175 credit (friends receive a credit of $50/each)

Please mention any referral discounts when signing up for your session.

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